1. BRAND – are you clear on what yours is? proud of it? requires any changes?
  2. PERSONALITY – does yours shine through in your business?
  3. TARGET AUDIENCE – do you speak to them clearly & with on-brand messages?
  4. PERCEPTION – do you check in with clients for their thoughts on your business/services?
  5. DISTINCTION – do you remind your clients of why you are UNIQUE?
  6. BUSINESS CORE VALUES – do you echo these in every transaction?
  7. MISSION STATEMENT – if you have one, can you recite this without reading it?
  8. PERSONAL SLOGAN – do you repeat this OFTEN in your conversations?
  9. VISUAL IDENTITY – do you use your marketing materials in a consistent manner? (imagery, colours, tone, etc)
  10. MARKETING – are you selling yourself as a complete “branded package”?

this checklist will help you stand behind your BRAND – stick to it!